A Slave's Journey (First Draft) (2013)

Word Count: 2200

Black & White: A Slave's Journey
S.Cu'Anam Policar

I was not always as you see me now. I was not always covered in dirt. My raven's wing hair was not always covered with debris and spirits only know what else. I used to be pretty. I used to be wealthy. I used to be free.

"Deva!" My mother, Ila, yelled from the back of our hut.
I was out in the fields talking to the flowers, the animals, even the wind. My parents told me once that children like me are born once every few generations. I was given the name Deva... Divine, because it was said that I was a link between our tribe of Mohawk, to the Great Spirit, Otkon.
"Coming Ista!" I called back to her as I bid farewell to my otherworldly friends and pranced back home.
The inside of our hut was different than most. My father was the Chief of our tribe, and my mother was the Shamanic Priestess. There were herbs and animal pelts and all manner of things normally not found mixed together inside our hut. But no one ever chided me. I was daughter of the chief, a Mohawk Princess.
Those days seem so long ago now. I flinch as lightening lights up the cold dank cell I now call home, and shudder as thunder rattles the very foundation of the stone walls.

My last day home started as every other had. A light rain was falling, so I grabbed an umbrella made from the stomach of a bison and woven to some sturdy wood. I had dressed  in a simply grey wolf wrap. I had meant to just go gather some herbs to restock mother's shelves.
"Prigkipissa, it is unwise for you to venture out today." An old blind woman said from her seated position against a hut.
I stopped and turned a smile crossing my lips. "Akhso...You'll catch your death out here. Go to Ista's hut and she'll make a poultice for your eye." I said softly to the woman. I had called her Grandmother my whole life, she was the oldest person in ouur village.
The woman shook her head and covered her right eye. A warning of something she had seen. "If you leave Deva, you shall never return."
An unwanted chill raced up my spine at the old blind woman's words, but I shook my head and said, "Now Akhso, you know you can't scare me that easily. I'm just going into the fields to get Ista some more herbs and plant seeds. I'll be back before lunch time."

I should have listened to the old woman. Mother always insisted that woman was the first Divine. Many in village claimed that the Great Spirit spoke directly to her and it was best if everyone heeded the warnings she gave. But I hadn't. And it had cost me everything.

I was not out in the fields long. I had been sitting in the field weaving wreaths of flowers when I heard the rustle of the bushes to my left. I cast my gaze in that direction but found nothing there. It never dawned on me that it was too quiet. I never noticed the birds stop their song.
"Well well what have we got here?" A deep voice asked. His grasp of my language was non existant and I did not speak his.
I scrambled to my feet, my eyes narrowed as I glared at this intruder.
"I like them fiesty!" He said in a husky voice as he grabbed himself in a crude manner.
Fear overcame me and I tried to run but the man tackled me to the grass. He rolled me onto my back and grabbed both my wrists in his left hand, his right bore a knife which he used to cut the wolf pelt down the middle exposing my flesh to this vile man. I shuttered as his grimy hands began roaming my prone body. I could see his excitement straining through the fabric of his pants and it frightened me even more.
"Shh shh I'm gonna make you feel real good." He drawled as he slipped three of his fingers roughly inside my. I squirmed under him and opened my mouth to scream, only to have a rag that smelled like salt, iron, and a smell I could not place shoved in my mouth. He wasted no time at that point and freed himself from the restraints of his pants. With a harsh thrust, he slammed into me. I felt something inside me pop. Each rough thrust of his hips to mine was agony. I felt tears slide from my cheeks as he thrust harder and harder. He gave a strange sound and his body twitched and shuddered as something thick and sticky seeped between his shriveling member and my newly deflowered heat.
He smirked in satisfaction.
"You'll fetch me a nice price in the market. All fresh and tight." He tightly gripped his cock pulling on it in a way that probably would not feel pleasant for a normal person. I gulped and tried to free my wrists from his hold. He laughed and jerked me to my knees. I looked up to him confused as he stood up and placed the head of his reswelled cock to my lips. Gripping it with his free hand he ran the dripping tip across my lips. I wanted nothing more then to puke. It was obvious this man had no idea what bathing was. I pursed my lips shut and shook my head. This angered him and he slapped me before grabbing his dagger and placing it to my neck. Again he placed his cock to his lips. With a broken breath I parted my lips and let him enter.
Once he had relieved himself again he grabbed some rope and tied my wrists together before hauling me to my feet.

We walked for days. The sun rose and fell at least three times before we stopped in a town. I was beyond exhausted. I could feel caked blood mixed with cum between my legs, my breath smelled like death I am sure of it. I was hungry, tired, and beyond scared, and very far from home. I refused to speak or look at anyone. I was placed on a wooden platform while people called out things and raised their hands. Then, I was being ushered off the platform. The man was talking to another man while he touched me.
"I broke her in for you Matthew. Divine, tight, she cries like a god." I felt the man's excitement brush upon my leg and cringed away from him.
He jerked my hair bringing me to the floor. I grabbed a stone in my mouth and when he pulled me back to my feet I spit it at him rocketing the stone into his eye. He howled in rage and released me I tried to run but the blonde man stopped me.
"I won't hurt you." He said. I blinked in surprise as I realized it waa my tongue he was speaking. I nodded to this strange blue eyed man.
"How do you speak Mohawk?" I asked softly as he untied my wrists.
He smiled softly. "I know a lot about you Deva. I've never forgotten you"
"How do you know I'm Deva?" I asked suspiciously.
He placed a pale finger between my breasts. I flinched until I released it was just the strange Key pendant he was after. "I gave you this when we were kids.. When you mother saved me from Augustus." he jerked his head to the man that had taken me from home.
A small smile spread across my lips. I remembered him. He'd come in badly hurt. Crying that a friend had call his balls off. My mother worked day and night to make him well. But I had over heard her telling my father that this man would never sire children and that would prevent him a mate. I had not understood the words then, but I did now.
White hot anger filled me to the core. I spied an axe nestled in a tree stumb and gripped the handle yanking it from the decaying wood. I stalked over to Augustus who was still groaning and holding his eye and swung the axe at his groin. His pained howl could have woken the dead.
"Deva!" The blonde man yelled pulling the axe from my hand.
The sound of rushing feet was heard, the man looked around panic stricken knowing we had no time to run.
"Matthew, is this your slave?" A hardened old man with whispy white hair asked as he looked over my still exposed form.
The blonde man nodded. " Yessir Sheriff. I just bought her from Augustus. He brought her in a few hours ago."
"I have to take her in. You know the penalty of a slave attacking a free man. I'll hold off until I hear word from the Judge only because she belongs to you and I'm sure Augustus deserved it." The sheriff said as he led me away. I didn't know what was going on. I did not understand the words that passed between the two men.

It was days before anyone came to see me. Obviously it was pointless for the man or any of his minions to come talk to me, I did not understand them and they did not understand me. So when someone finally came, it was the blonde man, Matthew. I rushed to the bars of my cell when I saw him, tears sliding down my face. I was filthy, cold, and getting sick. I wanted to go home.
Matthew slipped his hand between the bars and handed me a simple cotton gown. I gratefully put it on.
"You can see the judge in a six months. It was all I could get done for you Deva." Matthew said softly as he touched my face lightly.
"I want to go home.." I whispered.
Matthew sighed. "I know. But Augustus is throwing a fit about you attacking him for no reason."
"No reason?! He forced himself on me! He took the one thing my husband should have gotten!" I said through strained sobs "I can never go home now. I'll be shunned because I'm not pure anymore."
"Don't give up hope Deva.. Please don't give up hope." Matthew gently slipped the necklace with the key from over my head and slipped it in his pocket. "I'll be back as soon as I can."

I did not see Matthew again after that. Not until I was to see the judge. I was grateful I had not seen him. By now, the proof of Augustus' act was evident to all.
The maids in the sheriff's house fussed over me speaking words I did not understand as they bathed me, brushed my hair, dressed me, and fed me. Then I was escorted to the courthouse.

I smiled when I saw Matthew until I saw his eyes widen when he saw me.. The smile he had promised faded and malice replaced it. I shrank away from the one person there that could speak for me.

The judge was and old man, with a mean glint in his eyes. He cast his steely gaze on me. "What have you to say for yourself?"
I looked at him dumbly and wrung my hands. Matthew's voice broke the silence, but he spoke not to me. "Your Honor. Deva acted in self defense. As you can see she's pregnant. I assure you that was not her condition prior to Augustus getting his hands on her. In fact Augustus owes me my money back since she was guarenteed untouched when I paid for her. I would like the charges back. I will pay whatever cost Judge. Deva if my property and  will not see her or the child she carries die over a law that needs to be re-evaluated."
The judge thought a moment. "Augustus did you touch the slave before bringing her to her master?
Augustus thought about lying but with how big the bitch was, as soon as that kid popped out he would be caught anyway. "I sure did. I broke her in for my friend Matthew. At least now he'll have a child which he wouldn't have had at all if it weren't for me breaking his toy in."
I blinked as I watched the vein pop and begin to throb in the judges neck. He started screaming at Augustus. I was petrified but relaxed as Matthew pulled me to him.

In the end I was once again free. I can never go home. My father would never understand the circumstances that brought Balik into my life, He'd never understand my love for Matthew either. We left the town as soon as I was freed. I never saw my pretty key necklace again. We lived in a new town in the north. The people there did not call me a slave and did not treat me or Balik differently.

They say everything comes in shades of black and white..I say the world is a nice shade of grey.

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