Thursday, July 11, 2013

Other Voices: An Urban Fantasy Anthology Update

So some good news today! I know right x.x My writing life seems to be like one never ending Jerry Springer episode lol!

There is good news tonight though! Months ago I submitted a story. I believe it was "A Touch of Chaos" to an open call Anthology and it was picked to be in it. Well that anthology which is entitled.. Other Voices: An Urban Fantasy Anthology.. is releasing in a couple of weeks! This was the first bit of good news.. The second is. omg ... "A Touch of Chaos" is going to be the first story in the anthology! That means anyone who gets it will see my story before they see any other story! I am so over the moon excited about this you just have no idea LOL! I'll keep you guys updated since the release date isn't secured yet I figure it'll be around the beginning to mid august for the release but soon as I have more details you guys will too >^.^<

I'll also be taking pre-orders for the anthology once the date and price is set >^.^<

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