Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Don't Write What You Don't Know...A Message from the Soap Box

I understand that certain people don't like me for whatever reason.. Do what you feel you need to on your personal facebook. When you cross it over and start trashing me or anyone else for that matter on your author page calling them names and slandering them, that's crossing a thin line we indie authors walk on. While you're being petty and childish and trashing me all over your fan base there's not word about you on mine. Further more, your information is incorrect, if you had given me the chance to even say anything before you called my mental stability into question you'd have seen the screen shots I have verses the altered emails you have tell two entirely different stories. But you go on and be petty. You know who you are, and when the way you treated me comes back to bite you in the rear, do not even consider apologizing to me. It will fall on deaf ears. I may be a lot of things but I am not a liar, I am not a thief, and I do not pirate books. I'll tell you just like I told the people you paid to hand your book out to to have reviewed and toured... If you bothered to look me up.. and oh yeah if you google me I come up on almost an entire page, you'd see how against the theft and pirating books I am, you'd see that just like you I'm an author. and you'd see I'm one of the best and most sought out reviewers on the net. All you're going to succeed in doing is making yourself look like the unprofessional person you are. Sure you may get people that don't know me or what happened and that are just as childish as you are to believe you without getting my side, just as you believed them without talking to  me first, but in the end, what does that do? Nothing.

Now you're probably asking yourself how I would know what they sent you (since you were so adamant in not proving what you claimed) that it was altered.. That's simple, In my reply to them I told them my review would be late due to the fact I was going to purchase a copy of the book on the 11th so I could complete my review. But I just wanted to pirate your book right? Rest assured I will no longer be wasting my money on your book. I'll make sense of the spliced arc and base my review on it... when I have time to read it... See you trashing me has done really nothing but help me. My author request list is quite long now do your claims of my mental instability and how I simply love to pirate books. I will say again.... Don't write what you don't know. I know I don't steal nor pirate books, I know I'm a top notch reviewer, and I know I have the best friends and support system in the indie community.. Hell even people that don't like me told you I'm a good reviewer and don't pirate books... So what's tell you? Write what you know not what you assume it would save everyone a lot of trouble..


  1. Well said My dear, well said. Rest assured you have my support and that of many others.

    What they are saying *we* know to be blantantly false and undeserved.

    So, you keep doing what you do. You can hold your head high and you have my respect and always will!

  2. And it's greatly appreciated >^.^< I always feel so honored when an author hands me an arc of their work. I always make my author requests top priority.. after of course books needed for tours.. The only time I miss a review is when life intervenes or I honestly forget. I have a really bad short term memory and my tour organizers know this.. one tour group bless their souls reminds me like a week before a review is due LOL. So no I don't steal them or pirate them.. If I haven't reviewed it and I haven't mentioned your name in my update posts I probably forgot x.x a reminder would obviously remind me and I'd get to it lol

  3. I can't imagine how immature a person has to be to make the jump to being "weary of piracy" to the things I saw about mental stability. It's just a complete shame that some folks are stuck on themselves that they feel that they feel that everyone's after stealing their work. Personally? I saw this, I had liked the page in question, and I have promptly removed my like. Do what you want on your personal profile, but an author openly bashing bloggers on their page, in my opinion, seems flat out idiotic.

    I may not be an author, I may not be a huge blogger, but in the small amount I do blog, I pour myself into it. I try to make more people aware of these authors and the wonders I've found in their books. I put in hours a day to do this, and I'm just a small blogger.

    This person seems like they don't fully understand the relationship between authors and bloggers. It reminds me of the post by Coleen Hoover about Maryse reviewing "Slammed" and touring her life around.

    I'm a big fan of Karma, and I hope that it finds this person when they find him/herself in need of a blogger.

    I support you 100% hun. Feel free to vent at me anytime. <3

    1. see that's the thing.. The author has NO idea what she's saying. She's going on the word of a tour company who's feelings are hurt that I resigned from their host list. I resigned because they accused me of wanting to pirate the book in question simply because I asked for a mobi file that didn't have the disclaimer splicing the sentences and I don't have access to a wifi hotspot. unless I go all the way to starbucks and it in there.. but they don't allow loitering so it's a no go. I could understand their unease if I was a new reviewer for them but I wasn't I had been a host/reviewer for the group for as long as I've been blogging so the accusation really bothered me. Then for them to lie about me to other authors is stupid. There were never any nasty emails sent to them or the author. I contacted the author 2 times. once to explain to her why my review would not be posted on time and a reply to her accusations then I blocked her page (cause yeah I never messaged her personal fb like she claimed either I initially messaged her fan page) for harassment and the next thing I know I have people messaging me telling me she's trashing me all over her author page... Honestly I believe she may need mental help but I'm not a psychologist so I really can't say however her response to a third part telling her something about someone else was very irrational O.o