Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Our Day at Two Rivers

Our day started off of course in the car.. The kids were super excited to go to Two Rivers... Can't you tell?

Gallataea Age 6

Micah Age 19 1/2 Months

This is Two Rivers.. it's personally my favorite river to go to. There's always cranes and ducks around and schools of little fish swim in the water

Of course as soon as we got there we forgot about the camera and jumped in the river.. It's so hot outside x.X But after we cooled off we decided to have some lunch! We shared a a big sub sandwich and a bag of onion rings >^.^<

Micah was a big boy today! He got to sit at the picnic table with us >^.^<

Taea is forever stuffing her face.. How she's so thin is beyond my comprehension x.X

We noticed Micah's cheeks getting a little red and so it was time for Bry to reapply the sunblock

"King" Micah was trying to call us to attention to let us know he was finished eating.

Taea is STILL stuffing food in her mouth!

Micah wondering why Bry had the camera >.>

I wish he'd have taken one of me where I looked less fluffy >.<

 There's a crane on the pillar with it's wings spread
 I know it's really hard to see but there's only so much zoom you can do from where I was standing >.>

Taea obliviously swimming past Bry and Micah who were waving at me >^.^<

Some ducks that were swimming by

Damn cranes again e.e

Micah splashing in the water.. He never lets me catch him smiling I assure you his jaw is touching his chest as he's laughing

He spotted a fish.. like two seconds after this he went to chase said fish and became one with the water.... Needless to say he wanted no part of the river after that lol

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