Monday, July 1, 2013

Charging For Reviews? Ethical or not?

It's been brought to my attention today (a lot) that a certain facebook page/blog is charging for reviews. What's even worse, is they're charging upwards of $145.00 to read one book.

The blog that's doing this is called Book Review Leader. In my opinion the only thing they are the "leader" of is scams. Authors should never have to "pay" more than a few copies of their book for a review.. EVER... The concept of charging anything for you to not only receive a free book but to make money most authors who truly need the exposure don't have is just wrong and unethical.

I understand charging for blog tours and whatnot. That takes a lot of time and effort to put together on the organizer's part. But just to R2R? No.. Please if you're an author, steer clear of  Book Review Leader. There are plenty of much larger, much well known, and respectable groups on Facebook and GoodReads that don't charge anything at all. Ask some other authors for help before you go and pay for something most people would be honored to do for you for free...

What are you feelings on this topic?

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  1. For a minute there I was confused. I know it is the first, but I checked to see if it was APRIL first. I figured this was an April Fools Joke. Then I thought Hmmm... I could be making a mint on this. But I would never charge for a review. And I can't see how a single review would make a difference. I would like to think they do, but realistically, it is more the number and average number of 'stars' or whatever rating system is used that sells more books than a single review. I even feel guilty asking an author for a copy for a review. Whether or not I paid for a book never affects my reviews. But if I was being PAID for a review, it most certainly would affect what I write about it. I have been a professional reader, but for universities and schools, reading for the blind. A novel? I just can't imagine it. If any author wants a review, I or any of dozens of others I know will be glad to read your book for nothing more than an ecopy we can put on our computer, Nook or Kindle.