Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sneak Peek Saturday!

I thought I'd treat you guys a new teaser every week. Since I end up writing a million things during the week you'll always get a new teaser even if it's not from a new story >^.^<

This week's Teaser comes from Little Girl Lost the first book in The Fire and Brimstone Chronicles

I warn you there is violence and cursing in this scene.

“Sherry! What the fuck did I tell you about looking about the window?” Jamison screamed as his six foot five inch tall frame stalked toward her like the lion his soul used to possess.
Almost instantly, the sounds of growling filling their small studio apartment; The shimmered form of a large red wolf flashed into view as if to remind the male who it was he spoke to. Though, by this point, Jamison could no longer see the things he should. His mind had been so corrupted that all that remained were what he had allowed in.
Sherry laid a steadying hand upon the wolf apparition’s head and with her mind tried to soothe him. Shhh Red. Not yet. Wait. If you move too quickly you’ll have the whole pack on him and it could put Netta in danger.
The wolf whined before sitting on its on ethereal haunches. It was clear he was not pleased at all to be stilled by the one he was sent to protect. Raising his head he looked to a small grey female that was phasing in and out of existence a short yip had the female move to plant herself in front of the car seat where little Jeanetta was fast asleep.
  Jamison watched Sherry’s hand fall and grabbed her wrist tightly. “Who you talkin’ to Bitch?” His eyes flashed blood red for a mere second.
Sherry sighed. This was really getting tiring by this point in her life. “I wasn’t talk to anyone. I really wish you’d just let me seal your mind. It would make you better.”
Jamison growled, his face contorting into something the stuff nightmares are made out of, and then just as quickly it was Jamison’s features bearing down on her once again. “Better? There ain’t nothin’ wrong with me. It’s you that’s got something wrong. I told you not to practice that witchcraft shit anymore.”
Jamison had thrown that at her about a month after they started dating. It was around that time that they had started invading him. She had tried in vain to explain what was happening to him, but he had always been a stubborn man. He always had to be in the right even when he knew he was wrong. She had been born a child of Artemis. She was born to hunt and kill the very things that had taken over Jamison, yet his arrogance and fears had prevented her from doing so.  And now because of it, she suffered daily while she watched them pull the strings like he was little more than a marionette puppet there to amuse them. She could not help wonder who would die first; Him, or her.
In the end, it had been him to go first. Though Sherry had to admit he had put up one hell of fight until the second he went down. She did not remember much that happened after he had accused her of practicing the craft since they had been together. She remembered backing up until the backs of her knees hit the bed then falling onto it as he descended on her. She also remembered the feel of his right hand wrapping around her neck and squeezing until she could no longer breathe let alone scream. As the light dimmed and faded, she had heard the wolves growl, but it was not to Jamison. Before all had gone black, she had heard the laughter. It was deep, rough, like gravel being ground together and definitely not human.

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