The Demon and the Cowbell (2013)

Short Story I wrote for an event contest. I was given the first sentence and the words: Green eyes, Demon, Liar, Cowbell,  Mumu, Dark army glee club 

Word Count:749

The Demon and the Cowbell
by S.Cu'Anam Policar

     The life of a superhero. Galmorous, no?
     That is what everyone assumes when they find out. But it is not glamorous! It is is tedious, repetitive, tiring, and a lot of other non flattering words I do not care to say right now.

     Perhaps I should start at the beginning. My name is Lyra Vanhorn. Do not let my fancy name fool you. I grew up in the ghetto of Brooklyn, New York. I was always prettier than the other girls my age. Most attributed this to my striking green eyes, long wavy hair the color of a raven's wing, and my ultra pale skin.
     My life was going pretty good until I met Ethan. He had been the most handsome boy to ever step foot into our drug over run project. Had I knew then, what I know now... I would have run when my emerald gaze fell on him the first time.
     Instead, I had eaten up every word the handsome, silver tongued liar fed me, like a crackfiend looking for a fix.. Not my proudest moment I assure you.
     Ethan had started going on and on about some Dark Army Glee Club that met the roof of the High School across the street. I tried to tell him I was a horrible singer, at which he simply laughed and shook his head... I wanted to slap him!
     I turned on my heel, ready to stomp off. I stopped almost instantly as Ethan's fiery grip found my forearm.
     "Hey! Let go Creep!" I tried in vain to sound braver than I felt.
     Ethan rolled his hazel depths, rather dramatically I might add, and held out a cowbell. "You forgot this."
     I looked at him as though two extra heads had magically sprung from either side of his neck and laughed. "This ain't the farm Ole McDonald... I have no need for a cowbell."
     "Lyra.. Please. Just take it I promise it isn't what you think. You have a destiny to fulfill. This bell if your key to it." Ethan pleaded.
     I looked at him skeptically and canted my head a bit to the right as my left hand found my hip. "How do you know my name?"
     Ethan shook his head. "It doesn't matter how I know it. I just do. Trust me." He shot one of those cheesy grins the villains who are always so full of shit flash when their plans come to fruition.
     I scowled and snatched the cowbell from his hand and tied it around my neck. The index finger of my left hand flicked the bell as I glared. "Happy now?"
     He gave a prompt nod. "Just be on the roof around midnight. We'll be meeting then." He released my arm and walked away, leaving me standing there dumbfounded.
     Midnight rolled around and somehow I found myself actually going to meet this Dark Army Glee Club on the roof of my high school. Gah! All form of sense and intelligence must have simply gone on vacation. I mean no one in their right mind leaves their house at midnight in the ghetto. And definitely not to meet people in a place where you can go to jail for being there after hours!
     When I pushed open the door to the roof, my eyes widened. Four kids about my age were all trying to fend off this huge hollow eyed demon.
     I blinked in confusion. "What the fuck is that?!"
     "Lyra the cowbell!" Ethan yelled before a scream of pain ripped through him.
     The demon stepped over the assembled teenagers and headed to me, still clutching Ethan in his hand, claw? 
     I stifled a laugh as I noted the demon's was wearing a black mumu. Clearly I was having a hard time swallowing this scene before me. I mean how often does one see a demon a Brooklyn?
     I don't know why I did it, but I found myself flicking the cowbell which still hung around my neck. The bell gave off an ear splitting twang which caused the demon to drop Ethan and grab it's ears. Well I assumed it was its ears. The others quickly disposed of the thing as I stood there staring slack jawed.
     When all was said and done, Ethan wrapped an arm around my shoulders and said "Welcome to the Dark Army Glee Club"
     That's how my life as a superhero began. We all have cool costumes and names now. But that's a story for another time.

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