Thursday, June 27, 2013

Legend of Xosha Title Contest

In case you guys missed the post, I have a small title contest going on. I seem to be at a loss as to what to name 3 of the books in the series. If you think you can come up with a title that I'd like let me know by commenting on the blog post or on the author page. If I like your title and decide to use it there's some great FFW and Xosha swag in it for you as well as a mention in the dedication of the book you name >^.^<

Now I figured this will be hard as hell if you have no inkling as to what each book is about so I'll give you a small feel for each..

Book 1 takes place roughly a thousand years after The Rise of Xosha, Rose is considered a Myth and the stuff of legends, Pyre has been forgotten. Xosha is ruled by an evil Dragonian named AleXander who insists on having the most beautiful girl in Caprae for his queen. A girl named Ember. Ember's heart however belongs to another man, a Lupirian. The Lupirians have been the enemies of the Dragonian's ever since the incident with Reaper and Oceanus from The Rise of Xosha. Ember's infatuation causes a huge war between Caprae and the Solstyce Woods.

Book 2 begins a few years after book 1. This book takes place in Ryse'Dyn which is a massive city where all manner of creatures live from demons, to vampires, werewolfs, anjyls, etc. There's even times a human or two will be spotted, though they never last very long since they're a delicacy to the residents. This is where we meet Macayla Anne Jadespike, one of Ryse'Dyn's best assassins, and oddly enough a friend of Fury Nye'Cross.

Book 3 begins the same time as book 2, This story takes us far from Ryse'Dyn though and into The Wastes to Anjyllic Phell. The Anjyls still hold their grudge against the Dragonians and plot their revenge with their secret weapon. We meet Olivia Imperium Anjylfyre here. A girl with a destiny she knows nothing about, but one that will begin the process that will end it all.

Book 4 also begins the same time as book 2 and 3. The story takes us out of The Wastes and deep into the heart of the Solstyce Woods where we meet Wynter Desrea Rose, Beta to the alpha of the Rose Pack. She is without a doubt one of the prettiest Lupirians in the realm, though her life is speckled with sorrow and dispair. She is the final key needed for Xosha's salvation.

Book 5 begins after book 4. With the 3 reunited, it's time to end this once and for all. With what's left of Caprae in ruins and surrounded by enemies on all sides, the new ruler must find a way to bring the broken kingdom to peace under the rule of one leader.

Your task is to find fitting names for these 5 books. I will pick the names I like best and place them with the book suits it best. I will then confer with a neutral party when I have all the entries and the winner of the chosen title will be contacted. Please leave a way I can contact you along with your title suggestions below in the contest and good luck >^.^< 


  1. The Rise of The Heroes
    The Twilight of Xosha
    The Night of Shadows

    1. I'm liking the 3rd title for book 2 it whispers Macayla who's the main character in that one >^.^< Good Luck you definitely have a shot <3

  2. The time of heroes
    The dawning of Xosha
    Our life in the shadows

  3. 1. Heart of Ember
    2. Shadows of Macayla
    3. Destiny of Olivia
    4. Sorrows of Wynter
    5. Dawn of Three

    1. I like the one for book 4 >^.^< I added it to the list <3

  4. Book 3-War in the Wastes
    Book 4-Wynter Rose
    Book 5-Twilight of the 3

  5. For Book 1 I was thinking The Blood of Heroes.

    For Book 2 I was thinking The Shadows of Ryse'Dyn.

    For Book 3 I was thinking The Calling of Anjyllic Phell.

    For Book 4 I was thinking The Rose of Solstyce Woods.

    And Book 5 I was thinking The Destiny of Xosha.

    I might actually come back with better ideas later. c: And you can find me on FB: Amanda Wilken-Parker on your F-List. <3

  6. For Book 1 and 2, "Hearts of Xosha" and "Darkside of Xosha"