Sunday, June 16, 2013

Introduction to the Races of Xosha

I thought I would give you a small taste of the different races you will meet in Xosha. Now mind you as the series progresses more will be added. For now, these are the races you will meet in The Rise of Xosha

Dragon – Large scaled lizards that are born in different colors.  Each dragon can control an element naturally. The element type is generally determined by the color of the dragon (black/acid, blue/water, red/fire, yellow/electricity, brown/earth, green/air, white/spirit)

Anjyl – Similar in genetic makeup to the dragon, these are covered in feathers instead of scales and have two thick “whispers” protruding from either side of their more narrow, almost feline or canine muzzles. These beings have a human form that grants them feathered wings ranging in color from white to black. The mortal humans revere them as “angels” sent from their God, which is how they got their name.

Wolf – Larger than the earth bound specie. These beasts stand a good five feet tall on all fours.

Hellhound – Similar to their wolf cousins, these are the products of demon and wolf copulation and used by demons to track and kill elusive targets.

Imp – A small lesser demon of little use to the masses as anything more than fodder  and messengers. These demons are typically small and fat with small nubbed wings

Shai Demon – Greater demons of the Nye’Cross clan, the rulers of Shai’Pyre. These demons are wingless. They have horns that protrude from their forehead ranging from small nubs to massive curled ram like horns. Beautiful in appearance, these demons are the most deadly and deceiving of them all. The females usually have “pretty” horns that are short and very sharp as well as sharp spaded tails.

Beblith – Spider Demon. These demons are centaurish in appearance, their lower halves are that of an arachnid, their upper half that of Shai Demon. These beings are the front line of the Demon Army. Brainless, with no will of their own, they are the victims of eliciting the Shai Queen’s wrath.

Silver Elf – The elves of Silverspell. Normally between five feet and six feet tall, these elves have silvery blue skin and hair colors ranging from midnight blue/black to white/blue.

Silver Fang – Blood sucking Silver Elves. The first of the Vampyrs.

Dragonian – The “Human” generations of the dragons. Accidently created after the last spell the spirits use Rose for. All generations after the initial horde are born Dragonian and most achieve their “Tru’San” or true form at thirteen years of age. Dragonians look human, save for their dragon wings and and eyes lacking pupils. Though they retain their dragon wings, they cannot fly in this form and can only hover a few inches off the ground, or glide on the air currents.

Lupirian – The “Human” generations of the wolves. Like Dragonians, Lupirians are born human and obtain their wolf forms later in life usually about the time puberty hits. Lupirians have a deep tan coloring to their skin, and usually smell of nature (pine needles and the such). Considered “barbaric” since even in their human forms they prefer to live outdoors in dens made from large rocks or mountains. Their most defining characteristics are their wolf ears and tail.

Hellian – The “Human” generations of the hellhounds. They look remarkably similar to the Lupirians except they have the gargoyle like wings of the hellhound they spawned from.

Rock Lith – Large bird that is almost as big as a full grown dragon. It’s feathers are so hard and strong it gives the appearance of stone which is how it got its name.

Brothin – over populating source of meat. Resembling a cross between a dairy cow and a gazelle. It’s body is usually a white color with splotches of tan, It’s legs and neck are long and graceful, it’s horns curve outward. The most common animal to eat.

Scorpion – Massive cousins to the earth specie. These beasts are a main source of food in Shai’Pyre for those too poor to get buy a human or other intelligent being. If one can manage to kill it without being snapped in half by its four foot wide pincers, or impaled by the six foot long stinger, it’s a tasty treat for the weary traveling across The Wastes.

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